To help as many animals as possible by providing high-quality, local products at an affordable cost.


We envision a world where all animals have the opportunity to live their best lives, with the support of brands and products that enhances their quality of life


Here at Healthy Roots, we believe that pets are not just animals. They are a part of our family, our best friends, our companions. They bring us joy and unconditional love, and deserve to live happy, healthy lives just like we do. That is why we created our Healthy Roots Paws pet line so your furry friends can continue playing, running, chasing, barking, meowing, licking, jumping and enjoying life.

We’re pawsative your furry companions are going to love our pet line!

Good Manufacturing Practices:

Above all else in our industry, good manufacturing practices are important. That’s why we enforce Good Manufacturing Practices at all times which is one of the foundations of having a quality product. We are certified with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), Farm Bill compliant, employ qualified food handlers including PCQI’s (Preventive Control Qualified Individual), and have food processing permits.

Our pets deserve the same quality ingredients and processes we do. No added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. 


NASCMembers of the National Animal Supplement Council are concerned and committed manufacturers of animal health supplements across the globe. Together they endeavor to improve the quality of these products sold to consumers for the benefit of their horses, cats, dogs and other companion animals.

NASC’s overriding goal is to promote the health and well-being of non-human food chain animals that are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the integrity of the animal health product industry.

The cornerstone of NASC’s mission is to work cooperatively with state, federal and international government officials to create a legislative and regulatory environment that provides a framework that is fair, reasonable, responsible, and nationally consistent.

Such an environment of safety, accuracy and quality serves the interests of NASC’s members by ensuring that ethical manufacturing and labeling practices are complied with throughout the industry.

All NASC members are required to undergo a rigorous independent audit of their facilities. Upon completion of this audit, members are then able to display the NASC Seal of Quality to show consumers they are committed to the "highest current standards of quality in the industry today.”

NASC advocates and collectively enforces Good Manufacturing Practice Quality Standards in manufacturing, labeling and marketing animal health supplements. In addition, NASC members establish fair and reasonable paths to fund and facilitate the collection and dissemination of statistically significant research as well as actively participate in programs of continual vigilance ensuring the quality of ingredients in these products.

Through its diverse, member-directed activities, NASC brings about understanding among manufacturers, retailers, distributors, federal and state regulators, veterinarians, the media and animal owners about the importance of safe, high quality products for the health and well-being of companion animals.

What Sets Us Apart:

National Animal Supplement Council Seal

Being apart the NASC has prepared us to excel in an unregulated industry. The knowledge and foundation that we have obtained is setting the bar high with Healthy Roots Paws.


True Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

The Hemp extract is the heart of Healthy Roots Paws. We use Phyo-cannabinoid and terpene enriched oil that has naturally occurring cannabinoids. These compounds are just a few to name CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBG, CBN, CBV and THC under the .3 % federal legal limit.


Good Business Practices:

Above all else in any industry, good business practices are important. That’s why we enforce Good Manufacturing Practices at all times. We are certified with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA), Farm Bill compliant, employ qualified food handlers, and have food processing permits. Also, our full spectrum hemp extract oil products carry a $2-million insurance policy, so you can be sure of the quality.


Education and Resources:

Healthy Roots feel strongly about the importance of educating people about full spectrum hemp extract oil, so we make sure to put time, effort, and resources into that. We provide flyers, studies, test results, educational materials, as well as publish weekly blog posts on a variety of topics. They’re available for free to our customers, vendors, clients, and partners. We believe that education is just as important as the quality of our products as it's a long-term investment for not only our company, but also for the many people who can benefit from full spectrum hemp extract oil.


Our Team

Liz Merritt, President

Jason Merritt, Kitchen Formulation

John Tugcu, Compliance

Erica Melton, PCQI Trained Staff

Morgan Schmitz, Brand Ambassador


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